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With Low Budget And Less Number Of Guest, How Wedding Planners Are Working To Combact The Situation

Suddenly, if you are deliberately planning for you wedding ceremony and you just got overwhelmed observing COVID-19 wedding ideas then my friend you are truly not alone in this world. Coronavirus pandemic has affected globally including all the beautiful couples planning for their excellent wedding ceremonies. Earlier people postpone their wedding due to some financial or family reason but now due to Coronavirus. Of course the pandemic has strictly affected people mentally and financially as well and the overall budget for the wedding ceremony has been reduced 30-50%. Wedding planners are effectively facing a lot of challenges but still there are organizing a beautiful ceremony with a low budget and less number of guests.

 Consequently, as we all know that Coronavirus has determinately reduced the real fun of huge gatherings and completely revolutionized a heavy traditional Indian weddings to intimate zoom weddings, which in session has completely caused a shift in the traditional model that wedding planners used to follow in various particular ways. As of now with the unlocking of the multiple industries and also the possible positive outcomes of the respective government simply easing out the regulated restrictions of the number of guest from 50-200 depending upon the situations and guidelines issued by the different states and also wedding planner are getting more excited and are ready for the upcoming wedding season to get more particular projects that was cancelled earlier. As per the recent survey many people agreed to re-marry when things will get perfect in an ordered way. Professional wedding planners and their team members are effectively following all the major guidelines. Although if the couple has effectively decided the original date and plan, wedding planners are ready to work, wedding planners have many collaborations and they are regularly in touch with various vendors. Wedding planners also help you to decide the color or theme changes you’ll be making, they help youto check in with your wedding party. Professional wedding planner also recommends you shorten your respective guest list and just do not forget that every person may have different levels of comfort, especially during this pandemic situation. In that terms if some guests cancel it, just not to take it personally.