During wedding we have so many works to accomplish on time and we need so many services by which we can provide comforts to our guests. Wedding planner is the medium who helps you to provide you everything if it is decoration venue fooding and lodging for your guest everything. A good wedding planner does everything for you. In simple words he takes your all responsibilities on his shoulder and keeps you free for enjoying wedding period with the family. A wedding planner makes so many things easy for you. It has been found that there are so many couple in Luknow ask only for best services in their wedding and in that case only a best wedding planner in Lucknow is the best choice to provide you best in cost effective prices. Royal caterers are the best wedding planners and they are serving as wedding planners for years and they plan hundreds of wedding successfully every year.

Role of wedding planner during wedding

Likewise as a wedding planner Royal caterers do so many works for their customer but we are discussing those works in few categories:-

Pre wedding works: - Wedding planner talks to every venders before and recall their duties. He saves the numbers of vendors he has assigned for the wedding for emergency. He also make list to do, to ensure himself that everything would be done at time. If it is DJ, band, transport, photographer or anyone he arranges everything for you. He also ensures that every guest would be escorted well at venue. He also take responsibility of external and internal decoration of house .

Wedding day works: - Wedding day is the most important day and it has been found that in the hustle and bustle of marriage important things usually gets missed. So in that case wedding planner arrives early on the venue to supervise everything and he strive to do everything could get showcased well at venue. A good wedding planner also takes care that every guest should be treated well by the waiters and other workers who are serving their individual services at the wedding day.

Wrapping up: - After wedding, a wedding planner helps in wrapping up the things for you and drop your stuffs at your home. He also wraps the returns gift if you have desired to provide your guest. He also take care of your every gifts you got it has been found that during wedding gits gets stolen so in prevention wedding planner takes responsibility to drop your all gifts at your home carefully.

Budget: - He also takes care of your budget and provide you only those services which is cost effective and suitable in your packet. There are so many people who don’t want to spend money in useless things so wedding planner guide their customer that in which things they can save their money and they can invest for further things which would be helpful to make your wedding more wonderful.